Thursday, October 18, 2007

We Must Control Arms Or Arms Will Destroy Us

Dear Orikinla,

Your support for the Control Arms campaign, helped 153 governments to vote for starting work on a international Arms Trade Treaty at the First Committee meeting of the United Nations, last year.

Read the Control Arms campaign blog for the latest events and news from the United Nations meeting in New York.

This year, the Control Arms campaigners are taking your demand for a world with better arms controls to the First Committee once again, to ensure governments keep moving forward and don’t let the Arms Trade Treaty process get derailed.
Also at this meeting, Control Arms will be delivering the stories and experiences of people who have been impacted by armed violence to United Nations delegates, as part of the Global People’s Consultation on the Arms Trade Treaty.

The consultation, which was conducted this year with over 100 events happening around the world, details the unreported everyday tragedies of how an unregulated arms trade affects ordinary people and strengthens the urgency for a global and effective treaty.
Thank you for your continued support for an end to an out of control arms trade. Together we can make an impact.

Control Arms Campaign Team

New York

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