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The Mandate of MKO Abiola

The Mandate of MKO Abiola

By Adeleke O. Adeyemi, with the remarks of Reuben Abati

The Mandate: Audio Drama

Suffused with score after score of original, lilting music that resonates with its power and purpose The Mandate, Audio Drama tracks along a ponderous part of Nigeria’s story as it totters on a way forward, past a crossroads onto a path leading past her present – into an impending future. It is here presented for education and entertainment in a way that is gratifying to the soul.
This is Drama to experience – over and over again!
Following in the chequered tradition of the groundbreaking radio adaptation of The War of the Worlds (by American actor and director Orson Welles, written by the British H.G. Wells, a generation earlier) that captured the imagination of a whole nation an eon of a generation ago, another playwright has given us–startling as gripping–another War.
It centres on the calling and career of one whose essence has been aptly captured as: …Truly the first national hero and icon, whose personality and symbolism tied together the deepest aspirations of the [Nigerian] people about their own lives.

~Reuben Abati


Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. – George Santayana.

CODENAME JUNE 12: MANDATE AND MAYHEM A Tragedy on the Greatest Threat Ever to Nigeria’s Ruling Mafia. And How it was Checked.

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Printed: 59 pages, 6" x 9", jacket-hardcover binding, cream interior paper (50# weight), black and white interior ink, white exterior paper (100# weight), full-color exterior ink
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ISBN: 978-9-7837-5294-8
Publisher: Nigerian Times International
Copyright: © 2007 Adeleke O’ Adeyemi Standard Copyright License
Language: English
Country: Nigeria
Edition: First Edition

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Adeleke O’ Adeyemi attended Government College, Katsina (GCK) where he was Essayist Laureate. This was where he became fascinated with the story of the groundbreaking play for radio The War of the Worlds on the Voice of America, VOA, being a lifelong radio DXer.

He went on to Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife and was later at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria where he obtained a Bachelor degree in Science. He’s also an alumnus of Daystar Leadership Academy, Lagos.

He has been Editor of the Timeless newspaper and continues to work as a freelance literary analyst and writer. He maintains avid interests in literary/publishing consulting, songwriting, and copyediting. His passions range from Child Development, Social Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development, to Audio-visual, Stage Productions and full-length Animation movie-making, and TV Presentation.

He considers his primary objective in life to be: Enriching the social consciousness through literary endeavours for ensuring a sane and progressive polity for communicable personal and corporate development.

This stems from his avowed conviction that: “The stories people tell have a way of taking care of them” (Barry Lopez).

"The Mandate of MKO Abiola" is Distributed Worldwide by Lulu Press/King of Kings Books International.

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