Monday, August 21, 2006

The Washington Post Report On The Niger Delta

I have a better idea for making the rest of the world to turn their eyes away from the bloody madness in the Middle East and notice the genesis of a catastrophe in the Niger Delta of Nigeria. Let us kidnap Heidi Klum and parade her before the cameras of the CNN and Fox in only her skimpy bikini surrounded by sex-starved militants in the creeks of the Niger Delta. And of course, she would be safer in my arms than in the arms of the suicidal Islamic terrorists. Because, we don't behead hostages in the Niger Delta. In fact our hostages gain some extra pounds and grow new beard too. If we kidnap Heidi Klum, even the Washington Post will make us their cover story.

Inhabitants of delta communities _ where many subsist on less than $2 a day despite the hundreds of billions of dollars generated by oil exploration in the region _ have repeatedly detained foreign workers to protest living conditions.
Washington Post, 21/08/2006

The Washington Post has been hammering on the social, economic and political causes of the Niger Delta crisis for years and all the other leading Western news channels have also echoed the same fears. But the American, British, Dutch and Italian authorities have failed to query the violations of our fundamental human rights by their multinational oil companies operating in the plundered communities in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. And they only raise their snobbish eyebrows whenever they hear and read the news of kidnapped Americans, Europeans or Asians and once the hostages are freed without any harm, they continue with their capitalist business as usual, collaborating with the ruling kleptocratic Nigerian government to continue to cheat, exploit , plunder and loot our mineral resources which they cannot do without as at present.

Oil spills often pollute farms or rivers, which are the traditional means of sustenance in the region, and government corruption means that the region is severely underdeveloped, lacking roads and reliable electricity.
Washington Post, 21/08/2006

Seeing is beliveing. And I want the Western media to produce an eye-witness documentary report on the Niger Delta crisis and broadcast it on the CNN, Fox and BBC for the rest of the world to see the atrocities of the multinational oil companies in their criminal activities in the host communities in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. Then, their leaders would be more concerned about the critical humanitarian emergencies in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. And they don't have to wait until our revolutionary militants start beheading their American, British, Dutch, Russian, German and Asian hostages before they will address the crisis.

"We need peace, food and shelter, not soldiers on our streets," said Fyneface Aaron, a 61-year-old water vendor. "They will not find the hoodlums and they may end up killing the wrong people."
Washington Post, 21/08/2006

I have met with Shell and ChevronTexaco over the Niger Delta crisis and in fact I warned them before the situation became worse. And the sooner the problems as quoted above are solved the better. Otherwise, they should prepare to bear the unavoidable responsibilities of the worst consequences of their violations of the human rights of the host communities of the multinational oil companies in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria.

We are peace loving and proactive citizens of Nigeria and we want the best for our people as demonstrated by Kendall the genius behind the launching of Myafricasite who is from the Niger Delta region of Nigeria and we are all cooperating and supporting other proactive forces for the nation-building of a New Nigeria in the leadership of Africa in the new millennium.

We can save the Niger Delta from a catastrophic civil war before it is too late. And we don't have to kidnap sexy Heidi Klum to prove our point.

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