Friday, August 04, 2006

Breaking News: Three Filipino Nigeria LNG Workers Kidnapped

The local militia on Bonny Island just kidnapped three Filipino expatriates of the Nigeria LNG Bonny Plant Complex this morning and sporadic shootings were heard in the environs of the Nigeria LNG Plant Complex. There is now a state of emergency at the Nigeria LNG Plant Complex on Bonny Island in Rivers State, Nigeria. The information from reliable sources said the militia was demanding more compensation from the Nigeria LNG Limited for the exploration and production of the LNG on Bonny Island.


christabelle said...

when will all this end, does it mean that our govt is not capable of resolving these crisis, any time I hear Niger delta, I cant help remering my dear brother and friend who lost his life there in trying to save those Koreans captured the other time.

its all so disgusting, the govt shld listen to these pple 4 Christ's sake.

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

It is unfortunate that you lost such a close relative and his friend in the violence in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria.

The ruling government and the multinational oil companies are responsible for the tragedies in the Niger Delta, because I actually warned Shell and the government before the crisis worsened. I warned them to leave my in-law Asari Dokubo alone and they refused and now over 30 officers of the Nigerian Armed Forces have been killed so far.

Ignorance kills and arrogance also kills.

May God help us to be wiser in these interesting times.

God bless.