Saturday, June 24, 2006

Nigeria Is Not A Predominantly Muslim Country.

May I correct an erroneous impression contained in the report on an armchair survey as published in the Washington Post online with the following headline:
Survey Details 'Deep' Divide Between Muslims, Westerners

Nigeria is not a predominantly Muslim country.

The population of Muslims in Nigeria is only 35%.
Animists make up only 15% and the rest are Christians. Therefore Nigeria is more of a predominantly Christian country than a predominantly Muslim country.

The Western media should not misinform the general public with such erroneous and ambiguous reports from armchair reporters.

I have already written the conductors of the survey to correct their mistake on Nigeria.

Nigeria is not a predominantly Muslim country and will never be one.
Because, Nigeria is actually a predominantly Christian country


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Orikinla Osinachi. said...


God bless.

christabelle said...

you really mean this, I nver knew, fact is if somebody had asked me this morning I wld have confidently said yes Nigeria is predominantly muslim.

well, thats good news to me. thks 4 enlightening me.

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

I have travelled widely in Nigeria and I have been a missionary.

Christians are more than Muslims in Nigeria.

Kush said...

Does it really matter?

Kush said...

The CIA World Factbook actually lists Nigeria as having 50% Muslims, 40% Christians and 10% Indiginous beliefs at

But once again I ask how does this matter?

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Is like asking if a population census matters.

The CIA World Fact Book is full of erroneous reports contradicting the real facts about Nigeria and so many other developing countries.

Lest you forget, the CIA has not lost it's crediblity since the catastrophe of 9/11 and the controversial Valerie Plame Case over the misleading intelligence reports on the discovery of the WMD in Iraq.

The CIA lied about Nigeria.

God bless.

NYkrinDC said...

Actually, I believe the real figure is around 50% Muslim, 40% Christian, 10% indigenous beliefs. At least, according to the CIA world factbook. This figure is the most accepted tabulation for the population of Nigeria. I've encountered it in every single study, report, thesis on Nigeria I have read so far, including those by Christian, southern Nigerians. Given that a survey of the population has not been conducted in some time, the figure might be off somewhat but likely not by much. That Nigeria is almost equally divided between Muslims and Christians there is no doubt, but muslims likely are the majority of the population (even if by 1 or 2% percentage points.

NYkrinDC said...

I wouldn't be so sure about the CIA being wrong about this figure, as in reading about Nigeria I've come accross it citing various reports, demographic studies and other such sources (not related to the CIA) that give similar figures.

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

The CIA does not know my country more than me.

The politics of our census is well known to us. How the Muslim leaders in the Northern region of Nigeria deliberately tell lies over their population.

Even the Muslims in Nigeria know that the Christians are more than them.

The Muslims were more than the Christians 20 years ago. But since the wide spread revival of evangelism in Nigeria, millions of pagans have been converted to Christianity and hundreds of thousands of Yoruba and Middle Belt Muslims converted to Christians.

I have worked on national projects under the USAID and the UNICEF and also worked with more Muslims than Christians in Nigeria. So, I stand by my statement that Christians are more than the Muslims in Nigeria.

The CIA knows nothing about Nigeria. That is why they are clueless about the militants in Nigeria.

God bless.

Life'scomfort said...

I really love this site and the contents too, I'm so impressed that there are people like you in this Nigeria who still take their stand for the truth about their country and not what some people somewhere are asumming. keep it up and I want to let you know that U gat fans over here standing strongly behind you.

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Thank you very much.

Your morale support goes a long way to lift me up above my worries.

God bless.

galadima4 said...

This is not true who ever wrote this and said the population of Muslems in Nigeria is 35 the correct population of muslems in is 51 percent if you dont know you better ask before you tell the what you dont know.

galadima4 said...

Abuja, Muharram 7/Apr 1 ,2001(IINA) - Islam found its way to Nigeria about two centuries ago, starting from the north of the country, and was brought by Arab and Muslim merchants who came not only for business purposes, but also for spreading the word of Allah.

Islam was the first religion to penetrate Nigeria, in that when Christianity was brought to the country by the British colonizers, Islam was already being practiced in the country.

From the north, Islam then spread to the south of the country, and now it is spreading to all the other parts. It was from the south that Christianity found its way into Nigeria.

Nigeria’s population is now in the region of 120 million, as per the 1996 census, with Muslims accounting for 80,000,000 (70 percent of the population), with Christianity and animism followers making up the rest of the population.

There are 333 tribes in Nigeria, the most prominent being the Hausa, said to be the largest tribe in Africa, and they are mainly concentrated in the northern part of the country and some of the neighboring countries of the north. The Hausa are followed by the Yorubas, who are mainly concentrated in the south of the country, and the Ibos in the east. Each of the tribes has its own customs and traditions, just like tribes in the rest of the world.

Christian missionaries have intensified their efforts in trying to Christianize the Muslims, taking advantage of the economic weakness of the Muslims and helping them improve their conditions by extending a helping hand to them. The result is that many Muslims now are only Muslims nominally, and they no longer see the difference between the two religious faiths.

However, the Muslim activists are trying to counter the Christianization efforts by the missionaries by educating the Muslims on the various aspects of Islam. By the Grace of Allah, their efforts are paying off, despite the paucity of their resources.

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