Thursday, June 01, 2006

419ers Being Scammed In Their Own Game!

I have to blog this exclusive news from the most popular and controversial Nigerian forum Nairaland. Just click on the titlle to watch the video.

Hey Nairalanders!

I got this, and thot i should share. Being a very generous person that I am!.

Thanks to our Dear Seun, u can now enjoy it with me.

just click on the link below.

Watch The MP3 Video

This a classic case of the robber getting robbed. Some advance fee
fraudsters (419ers) thought they had a foolish victim [aka "mugu"] - a
white guy who was a potential source for mega money. After several
calls and correspondence, it was agreed that they meet in Scotland to
finalise the deal.

We all know in business there are incidental costs, and sometimes one
has to spend money to make money. So at the white guy's request, our
419 friends sent the potential "mugu" some money to demonstrate good
faith in the deal, and funds to purchase a ticket and hotel to meet
them in Scotland . Plus, they also took a flight and booked a hotel

By Darkchild


Zahymaka said...

I just listened to it today and it was very funny. Those guys made so many useless empty threats, I laughed. It's time we paid them back in their own coins.

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

As they say, you will eventually reap what you sowed.

God bless.