Monday, January 02, 2006


Nigeria scam grabs dollars of gullible;Americans continue to fall victim to absurd schemes, especially from Nigeria, which is notorious for financial crime.BY ERIC ROSENBERG.WASHINGTON - Wanted: Americans to share in the fabulous wealth of African despot. Must be discreet, willing to fork over thousands of dollars in advance and, above all, gullible

The first news I read online on Nigeria in 2006 was on how foreign morons lost over $170 Million to Internet Scammers last year and the notorious Nigerians are always the first suspects. I responded immediately by sending a rejoinder to The Miami Herald that published the erroneous news report online.

The Editor
The Readers' Forum
The Miami Herald
One Herald Plaza
Miami, Florida 33132-1693

Dear Editor,
RE:Nigeria scam grabs dollars of gullible;Americans continue to fall victim to absurd schemes, especially from Nigeria, which is notorious for financial crime.BY ERIC ROSENBERG(Hearst News Service.)

May I react to the above news report Posted on Sun, Jan. 01, 2006 of the online edition of your newspaper, The Miami Herald.

I am a Nigerian publisher and editor who has had the privilege of working relationships with the USAID and the UNICEF. Therefore, your report attracted my attention and I have to respond.

Yes, greediness, ignorance and gulliblity are largely responsible for the prevalence of the notorious Nigerian Internet Scams. But, I blame the CIA,FBI and the Interpol for failing to investigate and arrest the criminals perpetrating these harmful crimes of Phishing. Because, the perpetrators could be traced. They could be traced through their telephones lines and also could be traced to the cyber cafes used by the Nigerian Internet Scammers through their Yahoo or Hotmail accounts. The IP IDs of the computers are not hidden. And I have reported on my weblog that most of us in Nigeria know the Internet Scammers, because they have their own cyber cafes used solely for their Internet scams and they are not hidden from the public. So, the agents of the CIA, FBI and the Interpol have to go to Nigeria and recruit Nigerian informants or spies to help them to track and report these Internet Scammers. And I know one of the biggest Internet fraudusters who is now a "born again" Christian and claims to have given up a life of crime. So, he could be helpful in disclosing the members of their network who are still actively engaged in the "Yahoo-Yahoo" Internet Scams. I can also direct them to the cyber cafes I know engaged in these crimes. I know some people who are engaged in these crimes and I have written to the CIA and the Interpol, but they did not reply. So, I published that people should ignore these Internet Scam spam and have anti-spam filters to prevent such Internet scam e-mails from flooding their e-mail boxes.

In Nigeria, we call those engaged in the Internet Scams "Yahoo-Yahoo", because 99% of them use Yahoo e-mail accounts and we see them at work in numerous cyber cafes in Lagos and other cities all over Nigeria. They work everyday and night and prefer working overnight to make sure that others will not disturb, distract or interrupt them as they use chicanery and flattery to swindle and defraud their ignorant, gullible and greedy foreign targets who are mostly Americans and Europeans.

These Internet Scams can be stopped once and for all if the Americans and Europeans and other foreigners stop being GREEDY, IGNORANT and GULLIBLE and if the CIA, FBI and INTERPOL can do their work accordingly.

Yours faithfully,
Orikinla Osinachi.
The Publisher/Editor
Nigerian Times

N.B:What is Phishing?
Phishing is the act of tricking someone into giving them confidential information or tricking them into doing something that they normally wouldn’t do or shouldn’t do. For example: sending an e-mail to a user falsely claiming to be an established legitimate enterprise in an attempt to scam the user into surrendering private information that will be used for identity,1607,7-217-34415---,00.html


lee gullett said...

hewy umm i was reading a post you have on this persons blog and i rad your comment and i have to say that you comment was bullshit. you said that your lord has never had a army of suicide bombers no your right but what do you want to call the crusades (jihad by another name) or coming straight from your bible the organization of hebrews into a army to take the land of canaan. and the mass genocide that took place there. no i dont have one of these blogs but if you want feel free to contact me at

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Lee Gullet,
You are welcome to agree or disagree with my opinions. But, I would be glad and grateful if comments focus on the posts on this blog.

God bless.

Anonymous said...

FBI and CIA have no jurisdiction. It is up to the Nigerian government to stop the scammers. How typical and uncreative of you to make 'foreigners' a scapegoat, thus conveniently placing the blame outside your own country.

Anonymous said...

Greedy? What does that make you then? By the way, you slimy Nigerians aren't conning rich gullible foreigners alone, you are putting ads in American newspapers for puppies and charities to cheat poor Christians through small transactions. You will surely rot in hell for everything you are doing. You are the most intelligent person they could get to wrtie for them over there?

Kat said...

I received an email from a man who said he was my "son" who I was searching for online. I did not loose any money, but I have to tell you I would have much rather lost a million dollars than what this person put me through, the first time I saw the email I almost passed out, it came 4 days after my son's 19th birthday and I continue to look for him. The email was a UK address, now I am not going to blame the entire United Kingdom nor will I call their country a bunch of frauds or scammers. What I will do is post on blogs like this and hope it helps to create awareness.

There is crime everywhere in the world, and it is communication that will help us prevent lots of it.

Good luck to all of you, and

Jason if you are really out there, please send me an email, PS I will require you to send me an up to date photo graph, and other information to prove you are my con,

Parents Beware, if you receive an email from a person that you are searching for on the internet, always ask for PROOF.

--Katina Woodruff

Jason Leroy Estep & Joseph Allen Woodruff / Elliot-Cunningham
Mom is searching for you and I love you very much xoxoxoxxo

People taken things like their homeland very personal, me included, I love where I live, but it is far from a perfect places.

When it comes to "being foreign" I read in one of the post, I agree that listing all internet crime as happening on the outside of ones own country a bit harsh, however, the numbers are adding up that "Nigeria" is by far in the lead for this type of crime. The way I see it, there is no country, city, or state that has a perfect community free of scams/fraud.

And, folks if you live in the USA the only "true" born people to the country are Indian (now called)--Native Americans, who were thrown off the land during the "Trail of Tears." This is another blog topic entirely.

Dr. Grace said...

Nigeria Government is less concern about the youth....that is why we youth were scamming.....fuck the law

No work No Food for the poor...More work less pay....the leader were swindling money.

Help us the world...we don't plan to fraud or scam....but the country situation push us...what is going on?????/HELP US GOD