Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Saddam Hussein

The Washington Post has just revealed that the scapegoat of the American gambit in the Middle East Saddam Hussein donated millions of dollars to build a church and a mosque in America.

Do you know why I have called Saddam Hussein the Scapegoat of the American Gambit in the Mddle East?

Please, read:
The scapegoat was a goat that was driven off into the wilderness as part of the ceremonies of Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, in Judaism during the times of the Temple in Jerusalem. The rite is described in Leviticus 16. The word also refers, in modern parlance, to one who is blamed for misfortunes, often as a way of distracting attention from the real causes

When a generous benefactor donated $500,000 to help build a teal-domed mosque amid the rolling tobacco fields of Southern Maryland, nobody paid much attention to the source of the money.
But a quarter-century and two Gulf Wars later, there is considerably more interest in the philanthropist: former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

Emad R. Al-Banna leads worshipers at Friday prayers at the Southern Maryland Islamic Center in the Prince Frederick area of Calvert County. (Photos By Linda Davidson -- The Washington Post)

"What do you need over there?" Hussein casually asked the Iraqi Americans after they had arrived.

A nun from the Midwest, who was part of the delegation, stood up. "Mr. President, we need a school for our church," she said.

When he asked how much money would be needed, the nun said the project would cost $4.5 million.

"Done," Hussein said before turning to an assistant. "Get them the money right away."

Sensing an opportunity, Damalouji decided to try his luck and settled on a $500,000 request, which Hussein agreed to donate on the spot. When Damalouji returned home, his colleagues joshed him for being outbid by a nun.

"We booed him big time," Al-Banna joked. "We said, 'You dummy, why didn't you ask him for $4 million? We could have had a nice big mosque.' "

America is guilty of the crimes of Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Ladenn who were actually American larkeys during the Cold War when America dined and wined with the devils in the desperate Super Power struggle with the USSR.

Imagine an American Nun even collected $4.5 million from Saddam Hussein!
And the hypocritical Christians in America will be pretending as if they are holier than the Muslims in America. Hypocrites of Christianity are worse than Muslims and unbelievers!

What you sow you reap.

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