Thursday, March 08, 2018

For Uncle Ted With Love: Tribute To Ted Mukoro, Icon of Nigerian Advertising and Broadcasting

The legendary Ted Mukoro (1928- March 7, 2018), popularly called "Uncle Ted" from LINTAS Advertising office in Ikoyi to the Nigerian Television studios on Victoria Island in Lagos, Africa's largest megacity has passed on to eternal glory.

Advertising began in colonial Nigeria with the West African Publicity Limited of the UAC in 1928, the same year Ted Mukoro was born. The company became known as Lintas in 1929 and he got employed by the company in 1964 when he was 36 years. Mukoro was famous for writing the “Brightness series” campaign for Nigeria’s first locally brewed beer, Star and for being the first Village Headmaster of the popular "Village Headmaster" drama series on Nigerian television.

Click here to read his interview on his life and illustrious career in advertising and broadcasting.

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