Monday, March 13, 2017

Africa's Biggest Documentary Film Festival, iREPRESENT 2017 Opens on March 16

Join Us at Africa's Biggest Documentary Film Festival from March 16

The 2017 edition of the iREPRESENT International Documentary Film Festival is set to hold between March 16 and 19, 2017 at Freedom Park. This year’s edition is themed “Archiving Africa”.

According to the organisers, iREP Film festival 2017 will rigorously explore the opportunities open to Africa to bring its historic past into an archival system that is accessible on demand, and most importantly, how we can begin to use these materials to define a path for the future through storytelling.

“Africa has always been faced with a major challenge of connecting the dots in its historical past. A large part of what constitutes the verifiable history of Africa’s past today is sourced from the west.

“The facts of our historical journey are told to us by western imperialists and we simply regurgitate what is made available to us. In an age when even technology is looking ‘forward’ into the past to understand what is most valuable to our humanity, many African societies are shrouded in a blanket of collective amnesia.”

Click here for more details of photos, videos and programme.

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