Saturday, August 01, 2015

Make Videos Even From 30 Feet Away Without Touching Your Camera

Videos On The Go
Make a video without touching your phone. EmoFix is with you on any adventure.

The button wakes up the EmoFix so that you can pair it with your iOS or Android device. A blue LED above the button will flash when the device is “awake” and ready for use. A replaceable 200 mAh CR2032 coin cell battery powers the EmoFix for up to 2 years when used up to 30 times a day. When paired with an Android device it will automatically turn off after 90 seconds of inactivity. With iOS devices it turns off after 60 minutes.

The EmoFix is water resistant, has a 30 ft range and can be paired with up to 7 other devices. However only one device can be paired at any given time. The nice thing is that no external apps are required to use this selfie remote. Just pair it with your iOS or Android device, launch the camera app and you’re done. A press of the EmoFix button will snap a picture when you’re in image capture mode and is supposed to toggle video recording when you’re in movie mode. I tested the EmoFix with a Nexus 6, LG G3 and a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, all using their built in camera apps. Other than having to press the button once to wake it up if it had timed out, the EmoFix worked fine as a remote shutter button for all three devices. I had a different experience using it for video capture though. It worked well with the Nexus 6 and would toggle video capture on and off when the button was pressed. On the LG G3, it would do nothing in video recording mode and on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, it would stop video recording but subsequent presses would snap pictures instead of starting a new video.

The EmoFix works fine as a remote shutter button for taking selfies, groupies and other shots where you need to locate the phone/device somewhere other than your own hand. But for video control, the EmoFix didn’t work well at all. The button also exhibits strange behavior when pressed outside of the camera app.

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