Friday, January 23, 2015

2015 iREPRESENT Documentary Film Festival: Call for Entries


The 5th iREP Film Festival is scheduled to hold from the 19th to 22nd March, 2015, in Lagos, and it promises to be four days of over 40 documentary film screenings, insightful panel discussions, training and workshops, and networking.

iREPRESENT Documentary Film Festival 2015 is planned to take full advantage of online connectivity and interaction through livestream broadcast and feedback.

#‎iREP2015‬ is premised on the reality that Digital media technology is expanding narrative possibilities and shaping audiences’ experiences of how realities are articulated. Documentary filmmaking is coming to terms with these new realities and continuously finding hybrid strategies to navigate the blurred lines crisscrossing verite and satisfying the ever changing temperament of the digital world that is hip, fun-seeking, chaotic, multi-tasking, and attention sapping. For documentary filmmaking, digital technology presents a challenge and an opportunity that would either remarkably transform and redefine what passes as a documentary film or bury the art in its past. More than ever before there is a need to reinvent the art of documentary filmmaking within the space of the new elements that are dictating the trend of media consumption and experience globally.

‪#‎iREP2015‬ is the place to show it! This year we plan to show over 40 documentary films, and we sincerely hope your film will be one of them.
Enter your film today! See the poster for details.


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