Saturday, November 01, 2014

The GEJ Till 2019 Posters on Nairaland and the Rest of Us

Who are these posters always ending their posts and comments with "GEJ till 2019" on Nairaland, Nigeria's largest and most visited online public opinion forum?
Are they the internet trolls of the ruling party PDP or just genuine fans and supporters of President Goodluck Jonathan?

Realistically, would they be posting "GEJ till 2019" if they have lost people to the catastrophic war in the north east of Nigeria?
If they lost people during the tragic immigration recruitment exercise in March and till date nobody has been prosecuted for the preventable deaths of 18 innocent Nigerians who would not have died if the government appointed competent people to head the Nigeria Immigration Service.
If their sisters are among the missing Chibok school girls the government is using to play bloody politics for the 2015 presidential election so that they will be released in praise of the President when some of their unfortunate parents have died from heartbreak?
If they are among the millions of students who stool like dogs on campuses, because they cannot use the horrible toilets in their hostels since the revenue allocations for government colleges and universities have been misappropriated and then used by corrupt politicians and their partners in crime to build their own private schools?
If they truly know how many billions of dollars have been wasted on the NYSC scheme and will continue to be wasted, because the government contractors don't want the scheme to be scrapped and the scam continues? And not for any patriotic pursuit.
If they know that the oil thieves in the oil producing states are not spirits or ghosts of the Niger Delta, but well known to the government in power from Bayelsa to Abuja. And yet the rate of oil theft is worsening even after the so called Amnesty truce and largess for the Niger Delta militants who care less about the welfare of their poor people in littoral states.
I spent over four years in the Niger Delta, so I know them well. These militants don't know what is equity and justice, because of their greed.

If they know that Nigeria is the only country in the world where the poor masses pay for everything they use, including for the social amenities and even pay electricity bills when they don't have regular power supply for months and they are the most harassed to pay taxes? While many multinational companies and big local companies have not paid taxes for years and those with private jets also evade the required tax and the same crooks and rogues are often receiving national awards from the President, dining and wining with him as long as they support him.

If they know that the irregular power supply is connected to the generator mafia in connivance with the importers and suppliers of the fuel needed daily to power the millions of generators all over Nigeria and the toxic fumes cause the preventable deaths of many Nigerians.

If they really know that the spurious claims of the Transformation Agenda goons and spin doctors of Nigeria are only meant to milk the Milch cow of President Goodluck Jonathan and not for any genuine love for him.
And whenever they don't receive any largess from him, they call him names and curse him behind his back.
President Goodluck Jonathan should pray the following prayer everyday:
Rid me, and deliver me from the hand of strange children, whose mouth speaketh vanity, and their right hand is a right hand of falsehood:
~ Psalm 144:11King James Version (KJV).

If they know how the same biggest beneficiaries of the government of President Goodluck Jonathan who donated the over N100 million for his presidential nomination form have been enslaving their low income workers and some are in fact owing salaries, cheating and suffering their poor workers in connivance with some Asian and Arab contractors in Nigeria who are their best business partners.

If they know that more journalists and notable leaders have been murdered since the ruling party came to power in 1999 than the military regimes in Nigeria since the end of the Nigerian civil war to date.
And why the 234Next Newspaper of Dele Olojede, the first African-born winner of the Pulitzer Prize was forced to shut down by the gang in the cabinet of government for exposing their corrupt practices and then they later started their own newspaper with a faulty foundation of the union of corruption.
But will the evil and wicked go unpunished as long as there is God?
And what pleases God is not your holy pilgrimages to Jerusalem or Mecca and not how many times you bow before pastors, prophets or imams for prayers, but how much you obey Him. Because God Himself said obedience is better than sacrifice. (1 Samuel 15.) And while they boast to fast, they still persist in their greed and lust, fooling themselves, because they cannot fool God. See "Fasting that Pleases God" ( Isaiah 58 New King James Version).
I am quoting from the Holy Scriptures, because our political leaders like to make a public show of their religion outdoors, but they later dine and wine with cultists indoors and sleep with strange women they have in their cabinet and outside their cabinet. Their extra marital "First Ladies".

The impunity of a corrupt civilian government is as bad as the tyranny of the worst military dictatorship.

The man dies in all who keep silent in the face of tyranny.
~ Prof. Wole Soyinka, first black Nobel Laureate in Literature.

~By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima


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