Thursday, September 11, 2014

iPost Nigeria: Share Your Videos and Make Money from the Daily Views

Great opportunities come with great possibilities.
~ Orikinla Osinachi.

This people-friendly news and entertainment mobile video app iPost Nigeria is like YouTube, Mobli and Keek rolled into one. And projected to have the fastest ROI for tech startups in Africa’s biggest and largest Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) market with over 125 million users of mobile phones and tablets.

iPost Nigeria Mobile Video social media platform is for all users of mobile phones and tablets in Nigeria and the rest of the world to record and do live streaming of news and information on incidents and events from wherever they are located in Nigeria and other parts of the world. It is more interactive than any other mobile video app in Africa, because iPost Nigeria Mobile Video app allows users to instantly record, upload and share both short and long videos of events and incidents as they happen 24/7 on all video formats and they can monetize their videos and earn regular revenue from the daily views of videos.. It will be an android friendly app that is more advanced than others.

iPost Nigeria is now crowd funding on Indiegogo

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