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Nollywood Goes To the Philippines

Nollywood Goes To the Philippines

Nollywood has gone to the Philippines on the platform of NOLLYWOOD MIRROR® with the second edition designed and packaged by Juvelin T. Aripal, from Quezon City, the most populous city in Philippines and part of Metro Manila where English is one of the official languages.

Juvelin T. Aripal

Juvelin is one of the foremost magazine designers in Asia, famous as Art Director/Magazine Designer for Best Friend Magazine based in Japan, a newspaper layout artist at Commuter Express and Alerto Filipino, Editorial Coordinator cum Layout Artist at New Day Publishers and as a large printer operator and graphic artist at EMCA Graphix with numerous clients from Philippines, Japan, Hong Kong, United States of America and other countries.

NOLLYWOOD MIRROR® is introducing to Filipinos, the phenomenal emergence of Nollywood in the world of movies making the Nigerian film industry the biggest and largest in Africa and second largest in the world in numbers of features produced annually. And the next thing is show Nollywood movies in the Philippines. NOLLYWOOD MIRROR® is increasing the mileage and patronage of Nollywood worldwide and is currently the most widely circulated Nigerian magazine in the world.

Cinema in the Philippines (Filipino: Pelikulang Pilipino or Sine Pilipino) started with the introduction of the first moving pictures to the country on January 1, 1897 at the Salón de Pertierra in Manila. The same year of the invasion of the Benin Kingdom by the British Empire which has been made into the historical film "Invasion 1897", the Nigeria Centenary epic by Lancelot Imasuen, one of the most ambitious Nigerian filmmakers and pioneers of Nollywood.

Movies are one of the popular forms of entertainment among the Filipino people, directly employing some 260,000 Filipinos and generating around ₱2 billion annually, (US $1 = 43.7848 Philippines Peso). There are over 700 screens in the Philippines, including IMAX cinemas.
Filipino filmmaker Brillante Mendoza won the Prix de la mise en scène for Best Director at the 62nd annual Cannes Film Festival for his film "Kinatay" (Butchered), a movie about murder and police brutality in 2009.

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