Monday, April 21, 2014

Anthony Quinn’s Unbreakable Record in Academy Awards History

Anthony Quinn (April 21, 1915 – June 3, 2001) remains one of the greatest actors of all time and one of my favourites.

 Anthony Quinn as Eufemio Zapata with Marlon Brando's Emiliano Zapata in Viva Zapata! (1952)

Unknown to most people, Quinn’s record as the first and only actor so far to win an Academy Award for the shortest period of acting remains unbroken and it was for his 8 minutes role as the iconic painter Paul Gauguin in Vincente Minnelli's van Gogh biographical film, Lust for Life (1956). Quinn was the first Mexican American to win an Oscar when he won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor twice: for Viva Zapata! in 1952 and Lust for Life in 1956. The first one was as Marlon Brando’s brother in Elia Kazan's Viva Zapata!

I loved Quinn best as as Hamza in Mohammad, Messenger of God, 1976, and one of his greatest roles as Omar Mukhtar in Lion of the Desert, 1981, about the real-life Bedouin leader Omar Mukhtar who fought Benito Mussolini's Italian troops in the deserts of Libya.

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