Saturday, December 14, 2013

Nollywood Stars with the Best Public Relations and Others in Public Relations Crisis

Omoni Oboli and her shining smile of success.

Omoni Oboli, Kate Henshaw and Ramsey Noah have the best public relations among Nollywood stars according to the opinions of their fans in Nigeria.

Kate Henshaw.

But only few of them really care about their public relations and the more professional ones have engaged local and international public relations consultants like Mrs. Stephanie Okereke-Linus who has engaged an international public relations agency.

 Stephanie Okereke Linus (MFR) 

Others who claim that they have public relation managers or agents often become embarrassed when they have public relations crisis and don't know how to even do a press release to resolve the crisis, because they don't want to pay for public relations and their best public relations are posting red carpet pictures on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,Instagram, Linda Ikeji, Bella Naija and on Nairaland that will not cost them anything more than having an access to the internet.

Poor public relations can do long term damage to the public image of any public figure.
Once you are a public figure, your privacy is in danger as busy bodies and nosy celebrity gossips think they have the rights to violate your private life and if possible they want to even know everything you are doing in the closet and the colour of your underwear!

Like a popular Nigerian celebrity gossip blogger who has dirty linens of her own using her notorious single page blog to insult the relationship of  a celebrated female FM Radio personality whose swinging rhythm of life is on a higher frequency than hers.

Only a cowards fake scores of anonymous comments to insult celebrities they have never met before, except seeing them on TV or on pages of newspapers and magazines.
Some people should know their boundaries and limits when talking about the private lives of celebrities and others.

That is why you should know the difference between your private life and public life.
Keep what is private, private and not for public discussion at the salon downtown or at Elizabeth Michael on Akin Adesola Street on Victoria Island, Lagos.

Omoni Oboli, the Nollywood Actress with the Best Public Relations

Omoni Oboli
Omoni Oboli, the Nollywood actress with the million dollar smile.

moni Oboli has been rated the Nollywood actress with the best public relations and from informed knowledge, her husband Nnamdi is the secret behind her superb public relations and they have been married for 12 years and still waxing stronger as the most solid celebrity couple in Nollywood. She has also acknowledged the exemplary role of her husband in her successful professional life.

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~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima, Publisher/Editor, Nigerians Report Online

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