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China's Original 3D Animation 'Kangaroo Baby' to Debut in Cannes

30 September 2013 15:00 Africa/Lagos

China's Original 3D Animation 'Kangaroo Baby' to Debut in Cannes

SHENZHEN, China, Sept. 30, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- China's animation leader Shenzhen Haha Animation Media Technology Co. Ltd ("Haha Animation") will debut its animated short "Kangaroo Baby" at MIPCOM 2013 to be held in Cannes, France on October 7-10. The film can be viewed at Booth# 07.02E1 on sublevel 1 in the China exhibition area. "Kangaroo Baby" is a ​​large original 3D animated feature produced using performance-based frame-by-frame modulation, setting a new standard for Chinese 3D animation.


"Kangaroo Baby" is based on the story of a mother kangaroo and her two offspring. The story draws out and develops the curiosity, creativity and imagination of growing children in a variety of ways. The animated feature touches on several themes, encompassing comedy, action and science fiction. "Kangaroo Baby" is suitable for children and animation fans around the world, as it's range of family-related stories combines with several emotional elements to promote a spirit of fraternity as well as to explore the close relationship between man and nature.

According to Chen Guo, a principal at Haha Animation, "Kangaroo Baby" is produced independently by the company's Chinese team of screenwriters, directors and producers. From the design of characters to the storyline, Haha Animation takes a global perspective in transforming "Kangaroo Baby" into a classic animated tale loved by audiences worldwide, opening the door for Chinese animation to enter the international market.

Haha Animation has an excellent team with a focus on innovation in the world of animation. With the performance-based frame-by-frame modulation technology, the characters of "Kangaroo Baby" are more realistic and more vivid. "Kangaroo Baby" is currently in the process of development and production and is expected to be launched by the end of 2014 (11 minutes per episode, 52 episodes).

SOURCE Shenzhen Haha Animation Media Technology Co. Ltd

CONTACT: Chen Guo, Shenzhen Haha Animation Media Technology Co. Ltd, +86 755-25591701,

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