Wednesday, February 13, 2013

You Don't Have To Borrow Or Steal For Valentine Gifts For Your Sweethearts

Supermarkets are stocking various Valentine gifts, but many of them are just too expensive for majority of guys and babes who as we know now are really financially challenged in Nigeria and most of them are unemployed. Therefore they cannot afford expensive Valentine gifts for their sweethearts.

This is the time to humble girlfriends that are too demanding.
Of course wise boys and men avoid dating covetous and greedy girls and women who don't care how guys make their money to impress them and the day the good times stop, these greedy babes move on to more buoyant men. And lest we forget, they don't care about love and sacrifices. They just want to suck you dry like vampires.

Don't let any girlfriend make you borrow or even steal for Valentine.
Valentine is even one of the best times to know who truly loves you or not and the best gift for Valentine is the priceless gift of pure and true love and it is more precious than diamond, gold or any other precious gem.
And lest we forget true love is not free, because it comes with the greatest sacrifice, the sacrifice of a life time. True love can cost you your life like in Romeo and Juliet and the greatest love sacrifice of all, God sacrificing His only begotten son for our sakes. That is why the Holy Bible said, "His love surpasses all knowledge", because nothing else compares to His love. And today is Ash Wednesday (the first day of Lent) when all Roman Catholic Christians begin fasting and praying, the season of preparation for the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday. And any true Roman Catholic Christian will not abuse and misuse the St. Valentine's Day by messing around night clubs and any dalliance of carnal romance.
The Lent will definitely affect the way Roman Catholics will spend their Valentine's Day.

If you must give Valentine gifts, low budget Valentine gifts are available on the streets and mini supermarkets in Lagos from as little as N1, 000 (about $8) and trust me they are very sweet gifts such as lingerie, fragrances, flowers, teddy bears, chocolates, love scarves, handkerchiefs, mugs, etc.
With only N3, 000 you can get long lasting precious and sweet Valentine gifts for your sweethearts and hello, lest you forget, your sweethearts include children too.

Valentine's Day Gifts Discounts for Women and Men and Children are at the following:

MERVILLS, opposite the Skye Bank Plc on Bajulaiye Road, Shomolu, Lagos.

CHIBEZE, Asaoku Street, Olosha Mushin, Mushin, Lagos.

Falomo Shopping Complex where many shops stock affordable Valentine gifts, including cakes.

Shoprite has many shops stocking affordable Valentine gifts.

Alade Market on Allen Avenue and Shoprite at the Ikeja City Mall, Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos.

The Palms, Shoprite and other shops in the massive shopping mall, Lekki, where you can get low budget Valentine gifts.

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