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The Lordlings of Worship and their Catastrophic Mindrides

18 Dec 2012 18:29 Africa/Lagos

The Lordlings of Worship and their Catastrophic Mindrides

Author Cameron Leigh's suspense novel spanning four millennia reveals The Creation Code, the tragic legacy of deliberate misinterpretations of the Bible, conspiracies between rulers and triumphalist global religions, and the approaching confessor state in the age of online surveillance

NEW YORK, Dec. 18, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The Lordlings of Worship and their Catastrophic Mindrides is the first book of an epic trilogy that spans four thousand years to our present time.

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Texan World War II veteran Brix Brighton has spent his lifetime studying the ancient quest for control lurking underneath the surface of the dominant global religions. From ancient times, their conflicts with the Bible have been catastrophic to mankind.

Along with his son and grandson, Brighton teams up with Alan Taveler, a researcher who has returned from captivity in Pakistan to his home in Boston. During his life changing experience, Alan Taveler turned to the Bible and came to understand that he is endowed with a gift—a unique predesignated comprehension of the Bible that leads him to decipher a fragment of the concealed Creation Code. He was genetically programmed to disturb the past to give Texan Pastor Brix Brighton a chance to save the future.

Brix Brighton has formed the Completionists to fight for individual rights and liberties and to defy the supreme masters of the global empires of religion who are determined to concentrate their power by controlling the mind and directing the will of all mankind. Brighton and Taveler discover that they have been targeted for electronic surveillance and assassination by an ancient faceless and unpredictable organization.

At the birth of the 21st century, skirmishes and wars ignited and fanned by religion, greed and ambition for political domination have already broken out in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Chechnya, Syria, across Africa, including oil rich Nigeria and Sudan, and also to destroy Israel and to weaken the United States. Throughout Europe, leaders are rushing to appease religious indignation preached by clerics working to embroil their cities in sectarianism. These clerics have no use for the right of free speech and do not respect the right to worship in accordance with individual conscience. Religious supremacists of the dominant global religions have never concerned themselves with the loss of human life and now in the digital age with its ample electronic spy technology in place to create the new confessor state, the tide has turned back in favor of ambitious men who want to expel the Creator from the universe. The Bible had warned all who cared to read it that life is a thriller and we are all in it.

Written for readers who are intensely interested in knowing the origins of our turmoil at the beginning of the twenty-first century and about the forces that have perpetrated the greatest cover-up in the history of mankind to keep the world in perpetual upheaval, The Lordlings of Worship and their Catastrophic Mindrides is a captivating narrative of the battle of evil vs. good. History is taught to mask the role of triumphalist world religions in motivating wars and oppression.

This gripping and well-researched historical and contemporary suspense novel reveals to readers a fragment of the secret key to the mysteries of the Creation Code.

The author Cameron Leigh brings this first book of a trilogy to spur readers to think deeply about the most important questions concerning their lives, those of their ancestors, and of their future generations.

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Title: The Lordlings of Worship and their Catastrophic Mindrides

Author: Cameron Leigh

Category: Fiction: Historical/Suspense/Bible Code/Contemporary Conspiracy Fiction/Cyber-surveillance/ Judeo-Christian/Libertarian/ Religious Fiction/ First Amendment/Political Religion/Texas/The Alphabet

ISBN-13: 978-1-938690-32-7

Publication Date: December 2012

Type: Hardcover

Pages: 590

Price: (U.S.) $35.00

Publisher: Two Harbors Press,

Retailers: To purchase copies of this book for resale contact Ingram, Baker & Taylor or Itasca Books.

Readers: To purchase copies of this book, visit , your favorite bookstore, Amazon, or

Contact: Emily Brackett, 1-207-761-4230,

SOURCE Cameron Leigh


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