Saturday, November 24, 2012

Help Save The Oldest Cinema in Washington!

Help Save The Blue Mouse Theatre
~ By Susan Evans ( Blue Mouse Manager)

Dear Friends And Community Members,

Can you believe it? On November 13, 2012


Are you aware of the fact that the Blue Mouse Theater has received historical recognition locally, statewide and nationally for being the longest running movie house in the State of Washington?

That makes us pretty special, doesn’t it?

Yes, the Blue Mouse showed its first movie The Green Goddess with George Arliss on November13, 1923. I’m certain that the original owners never dreamed that this wonderful little neighborhood movie house would last so long.But hooray for us, we have survived all the obstacles and changes that have taken place all these years.

And here we are today, facing another historical change. It is called “digital projection.” We have been advised that after 2013 there will no longer be 35mm films made.Every movie house in the nation will have to go digital or close its doors.

Modern technology is racing by everywhere and it’s necessary for us to jump on board too, or be left behind. Wanting to maintain our leadership status, we are going digital.

With this decision of “not being left behind” we face the challenge of the change: Existing equipment must be retired and new computer-operated projectors installed. Theaters unable to make this transition will face closure.

The exciting news is that digital technology produces a stunning image. Gone will be annoying scratches, shaky movement of the film in the projection gate and the sound that is often compromised by the constant handling of the film.

Unfortunately, the cost to convert any projection booth is $100,000. The Blue Mouse does not have the ability to finance this major capital expenditure out of its annual earnings. Our best option is to ask you, our loyal Blue Mouse patrons and the commuity to help us keep our doors open by making a contribution toward this historical transition. This change will ensure the same quality of programming and allow us to continue offering the latest movies.

The Blue Mouse Theater began with a dream of bringing the finest contemporary films to “the Neighborhood.” With the help of numerous people and the support of you, loyal friends, the Blue Mouse will continue to be a “safe place” to enjoy movies in a nice neighborhood. Transitioning to digital projection will allow us to be ready eleven years from now when we celebrate our 100th birthday.

Our sincerest thanks to you for your constant support these many, many years—and thank you, too, for considering a personal contribution.

Any gift you give will always fill you with a proud sense of ownership of the Blue Mouse—and that’s a mighty good feeling.

Kindest regards,

Blue Mouse Proprietors

PS: Tacoma Neighborhoods Together has partnered with us to Help preserve this historic Icon of the Proctor District and your contribution will be tax deductible

Tacoma Neighborhoods Together is the non-profit, 501(c)3 organization of the Cross District Association. It was formed to support the enhancement and beautification of Tacoma's core neighborhood centers, its neighborhood business districts. It emphasizes that the people who live and work in the neighborhoods are the ones who can best identify ways that can help to make Tacoma a more livable community. From these collective voices the direction for Tacoma Neighborhoods Together is set.

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