Saturday, October 20, 2012

13yr-Old Girl Escapes from Ritual Murderers in Nigeria


A 13 year old Nigerian girl Emmanuela who is a Junior Secondary School pupil of Shadoff Secondary School had a narrow escape from human ritual cultists in Nigeria where another 13 year old girl Yetunde Rachael Samuel , a Junior Secondary School pupil of Oluyori Comprehensive College was murdered in the night of October 5th, 2012, and neatly deposited inside a medium size freezer.

The following are the words of Emmanuela narrating how she escaped from the cultists who were actively engaged in the ritual murder of several people they kidnapped.

“I entered the bus from Igbogbo around 7pm. I was going to my church for our Thursday vigil. When I entered the bus, I noticed that all the passengers in the bus were sleeping. They were about ten. I felt something was wrong and I quickly told the driver to stop for me that I had forgotten my transport fare at home.

The conductor then said that I should not worry that he would not collect money from me. I insisted I would get down, shouting that I was going to church and I would not be able to come back home even if he did not collect money from me. But he refused. As we were arguing on that, the conductor immediately brought out a handkerchief and waved it on my face and that was the last thing I remembered.

“I then saw myself at a shrine with other victims. The following day at the shrine, they began to kill others with knife and machete one after the other. Although we were blindfolded, yet, I was able to see a bit of what was going on. They decided Sunday would be my turn when they would conclude their rituals.”

“We were there without food or water, and when it got to my turn on Sunday, I was taken to the shrine again along with the remaining two. But I heard one of them saying ‘no, they should return me back to where they picked me. We were three left out of about eleven people.”

But instead of returning me back to where they picked me , they kept me somewhere. The following day which was Monday, they took the three of us back to the shrine. The other two were killed that day, leaving only me. One of them again told the men that they should look for another person to replace me and that they should return me immediately. But they refused saying that they cannot return me and that they should manage and use me like that.

After the argument, I was laid at the shrine, at that point, with the little consciousness I had, I was praying, I was weak and could not even move my body. I realised that the killer could not bring his knife on me. The next thing I heard was that ‘take this girl away’. Again, that was what I saw until I found myself at the Ita Elewa, Ikorodu late at night.”

Emmanuela said: “It was dark, I didn’t know how I got there; I just suddenly discovered I was out of their hands, but I was very weak. There, I saw a man in a suit walking on the street. I approached him and asked him where I was? He told me Ita-Elewa; I begged him to take me to my church because it was very close to the area they dropped me. He obliged me. When I entered the church, I fell and lay by the gate.

“As a member of the drama group, we usually hold drama rehearsals every Tuesdays. So, it was co-incidental that the members of the group were there at that time. Somebody who was sent by our leader to check the gate saw me and took me inside, prayed for me and gave me food to eat. Throughout my stay there, I was never hungry, until I came out.”

Asked to describe the area where the ritual took place, Emmanuela said what she saw were materials and accessories used by ritualists, such as charms, knives, machetes among others.

She explained that it was an isolated area, adding “there is no living house in the area. I really don’t know the place, but what I saw there were things used by ritualists. I can’t really say whether it was in Ikododu or its outskirts and I can’t determine the time we spent on the road because I didn’t even know how I got there.”

These voodoo crimes can only happen in an uncivilized nation like Nigeria.
The simple solution to it is to comb all villages and forests in Nigeria and destroy all shrines and arrest all the native doctors and spiritualists in every village and town for interrogation and prosecution.

All the rituals these black savages do have not turned them into Bill Gates or Warren Buffet and even when you visit their villages, there is nothing spectacular about the architecture to show they have made money.

With all the bragging and noise about Nigerian billionaires, their villages are still looking like Europe in the Middle Ages and even in Lagos, there is no single spectacular feature of architecture to impress foreign tourists, except the bad roads, cheap call girls and second rate five star hotels with unhygienic kitchens and dirty poorly paid staff whose sight can make foreign tourists from the US and Europe sick.

Dirty and filthy Nigerians who as we all know are the beneficiaries and errand boys and girls of the cultists doing these evil rituals for political contractors and political godfathers in the corridors of power, including the cultists on the campuses who are the rookies of their bosses in government offices and private boardrooms. How many students who are cultists have been arrested and prosecuted?
How many of their girlfriends have reported them to the police?

Are their girlfriends not the same girls here who collect thousands of naira as cash gifts from them and also collect other expensive gifts from these cultists?
All the Blackberry girls and girls with their expensive Brazilian hair and other fake attachments are the beneficiaries of these cultists who have been kidnapping innocent people and using them for their bloody get-rich-quick rituals in different shrines in Nigeria and later come online pretending to be innocent.

And many of those here reading this gory report are among their beneficiaries, well wishers and employees who never bother to ask the sources of their ill gotten riches, and come here posing and posturing as good people in our midst, but are dogs and vipers on the prowl camouflaging as church going Christians and mosque going Muslims. But by their live styles and what they do indoors they have made Nigeria a bloody nation of bastards, idi-ots breading id-ots and crooks and rogues of all sorts. All those engaged in all forms of malpractices in all spheres of activities in the Nigerian society are as bad and evil as these same cultists. And if we don't expose them all, they will continue with their crimes and evils destroying innocent lives in Nigeria.

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