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Captain Idris Wada: The Best Choice For Kogi State

Captain Idris Wada: The Best Choice For Kogi State

~ By Ibrahim Usman

All men are born but not all are born great. The land of Kogi was blessed when Capt. Idris Ichalla Wada was born at Dekina in Kogi State on 26 August 1950. Educated at the Government Secondary School, Dekina and the Federal Government College, Sakata he graduated with a Higher School Certificate. From his School days, he developed very keen interest in aviation, especially in flying as a pilot. His aspirations were met when he gained admission into the Nigeria College of Aviation Technology, Zaria from where he graduated in 1972 with flying colors, bagging a Commercial Pilots’ license.

He proceeded immediately to train for a Flight Instructors License/QFI, which he obtained in record time at Air Service Training College, Perth, Scotland. As a flight instructor he trained students from many African countries.

Captain Wada’s general handling of his machine and students was rated above average. Hence in 1976 he was put forward for the Airline Transport Pilots Licence, again in Perth, Scotland. His interest and dedication to training was recognized and appreciated by the authorities who promptly granted him the opportunity to go to Burnside-Ott Aviation College, Opa-Locka, Miami, Florida. He graduated as a certified Flight Instructor/CE II and a certified Ground Instructor (Instrument).

Armed with these qualifications and experience he switched over to commercial flying which had been his long desire. Thus he joined Nigeria Airways in 1978 where he flew B737 and F28 in command as Captain. In 1993 Capt. Wada realized that he was more gifted in management than just being a line captain, consequently he joined United Airline Services Ltd., Kano, as the Chief Pilot and General Manager. He operated as Captain in Command of Boeing 727 and Boeing 707 cargo with the Company having obtained USA FAAATPL at American Airlines Flight Training Centre, Dallas, Texas. He managed this airline until 1985 when he floated the Executive Aviation Services (Nig.) Ltd. and nurtured it to a first class cargo airline in Nigeria. As its Chief Executive officer he put into it, his wealth of experience which made remarkable business success of the airline.

Not satisfied with the Air Cargo business alone, he extended his sphere of activities to the Domestic Passenger business by forming Executive Airline Services Ltd. in 1994 specializing in Corporate Charter Services and Executive Aircraft Management with HS 125 Executive Jet. This developed into BAC I II scheduled Domestic Passenger Services with one Boeing 727-200 in 1996. He has built up a fleet of four British Aerospace BAC 1- 11-500 Super Jets on scheduled flight services to Abuja, Jos, Kano, Enugu and Port - Harcourt, with Lagos as hub. He has a dazzling array of professional qualifications, a few of which are listed here:

Nigerian Airline Transport Pilot Licence No.992.

British Airline Transport Pilot Licence No.1 04990

USAlFM Air Transport Rating No.2223411

Rated on B737, B727, B707, DC8, F28, HS-125, BAC1-11 Jet.

NCAA designated Type and Instrument Rating Examiner.
Capt. Wada is active in various national and international (UK and USA) aviation seminars and committees, and holds several management diplomas and certificates to his credit. He obtained from University, of Abuja a B.Sc Degree in Business Administration. He speaks and writes fluently in English, Hausa and Igala. His hobbies are Tennis, Golf, Music, Reading and Current Affairs. He is the Chairman of Aero consult Ltd an approved NCAA Certified Aviation Training Organization (ATO) and Aviation Consultancy Company.

Capt. Wada is not only a good husband and a loving and responsible parent, he is also a philanthropist to the core. He has uplifted many Nigerians through his many poverty alleviation and corporate social responsibility efforts.
As the December 2011 Governorship elections draw near in Kogi state, the sterling qualities possessed by this son of the soil has come to the fore notice of the masses. The people need a man who is possessed of intellect, administrative qualities and experience which surpasses that of the average citizen, a man whose abilities have been proven on a cosmopolitan turf, far beyond the shores of Nigeria. Kogi state cannot be deprived of the opportunities and potentialities dwelling in Capt Idris Wada. He is not just the PDP Governorship aspirant for Kogi state for the December 2011 elections but the best man for the job. In his words Capt Wada said, “I’m a product of a humble background, where the fear of God, hard work, respect for elders and authorities were preached on a daily basis”. “These values ensured that I took my destiny into my own hands right from the tender age of five, and have kept me going up until today, where I stand before you to seek your support. Having being trained by the Federal Government of Nigeria, my commitment to serving my country especially my home state of Kogi is sacrosanct, and this in essence has shaped my character over the years. When you vote for me, it is more than an endorsement of one particular individual. You vote for a vision of how things will be different. How things could be better for you and your family in your local area. We know that all communities are desirous of equal treatment, and as someone who believes in opportunities for all, I will strive to ensure that your communities derive maximum value for your vote.
Fundamentally, I take the public trust embodied by your vote seriously. ”

Thank God for divine providence, thank God for Captain Idris Wada.

~ Ibrahim Usman writes from Okene, Kogi state.

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