Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Congratulations President Goodluck Jonathan, but tackle National Security Fast

President Goodluck Jonathan

Mr. President, Congratulation for Winning the Presidency, but we must now win the National Security Battle and here is how to do it in Nigeria.

Mr. President, let Security Revolution becomes a top agenda for the new Presidency and here is how to we can aggressively execute it in Nigeria. Sir, we must do this with full boldness or chutzpah and we must leave no stone unturned irrespective of sentiments. Sir, remember time is short as there is so much to do. Just ask your friend, President Obama he will tell you the term runs fast!

The Nigerian society will soon see the promises of the new Presidency. The new president and the in-coming administration should aggressively pursue strategies and methodologies that could put a real control to problems of national security and anti-democracy as they relate to assassinations, armed robberies, bombing, arson, corruption, unemployment, poor infrastructure, financial waste, institutional slothfulness, and ethnic/religious divide.

If this type of executive route is taken the road to a security revolution would have begun! The new President should aggressively bring in new perspectives and ideas through non-old hands which should include proven business/entrepreneurial/professional Nigerians both in the country and from the diaspora.

Nigeria remains heavily depended on governmental democracy and public styled management systems with the heavy weight of continuously using the same used-up ideas known throughout the nation’s ministries and para-public agencies.
Surely, this is not the way or mode of growing economic democracy.

By the nature, spirit and tradition of our nation, Nigeria is a pro-ecological, entrepreneurial and industrial nation; as such achieving our economic potential will only occur when the people are free to uncover their capabilities under a much more improved secured environment.

National security also involves labor stability. The Nigerian working atmosphere is much more damaged as many private and public workers only put in a quality time of 3 to 4 hours daily into their works due to electricity shortage and fear of darkness which continues to looms in everyone’s mind.

A good security revolution also involves the national leader and his administration providing an environment where a few cannot continue to personalize the elements and processes of governance. This quandary or problem could be worked on by seeing that family ties, friendship links and personal loyalties does not represent the mount piece through which appointments, policies and agendas are made.

Nigeria is an executive democracy where the nation’s President should be able to give maximum attention to issues in the mode of strategic growth in all areas of public and private economies.

Nigeria’s problem is not mainly about godfatherism /godmotherism or political manipulators as all societies are ingrained with this type of emotional sponsorships.

What we ought to be preoccupied with is seeking out workable ideas and proven concepts from any one irrespective of its source as long as such probable solutions are very realistic to our nation’s growth and prosperity.

To better bring in a secured economic and political environment the right people with successful outcomes across various areas of business or occupation should overwhelm the next administration. These people will be the ones to help the country work out solutions to security problems like unemployment among youths as well as finding ways to provide temporal monetary help to give them seek applied training and jobs.

National security could quickly be ensured with the erection of privatized educational, vocational and professional systems, and State-based universities (public and private). These entities should be made to come under regional accreditation or non-governmental agencies that are basically professional associations that could grant recognition to a higher institution for its demonstrated capacity to meet predetermined criteria for recognized standards. This type of private or non-governmental agency should also be put in place to give accreditation to Hospitals and every other Health care organization. This idea is highly essential for the sole purpose of ensuring a more timely supervision and efficient monitoring of these vital systems.

The new president should have in place contracted procurement specialists working on behalf of the federal government for the purpose of supervising grants and providing contracts as they relate to federal tasks(e.g. super-road works, health care system,water/electric supply).

National security will come in a more healthy way by putting systems in place to move our disabled or physically/mentally challenged populations into work training, job counseling as well as assisting them with temporary disability insurance. These acts could give them pride to contribute to the national development as we just saw with the participation of many of them in polling places casting their vote on election days.

In a society where police personnel, prison workers and court officials are not well paid and given adequate living remuneration, insecurity tends to climb up and as a result local businesses and international investments suffer.Also, the national interest in the area of law and order could be served much better with the establishment of State police systems as different state governments are more likely to abundantly take interest in protecting its people and properties.

It is time to develop a new curriculum at all levels of schooling;exclusively designed to place fresh emphasis on the ethical aspect of the institutional health of the nation as it could help build anti-corruption attitude and mindset at an earlier stage of life.

With less Federal/State owned organizations running services there could be is less room for national security insults like wastage, corruption, neglect, greed, violence, pain, apprehension and suffering.A new and newer Nigeria is possible and let us hope it comes sooner with this new-fangled presidency!

~ By Dr. John Oshodi

John EgbeazienOshodi, Ph.D., DABPS; FACFE; is a Licensed Clinical/Forensic Psychologist; Diplomate of American Board of Psychological Specialties; Fellow of American College of Forensic Examiners (For Psy); Former Interim Associate Dean and an Assistant Professor of Psychology, Broward College - North Campus, Coconut Creek, Florida. joshodi@broward.edu

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