Friday, August 22, 2008

Play "Catch the Bomb" and Spread the Word

Every year, millions of people suffer as a result of the irresponsible arms trade.

Two years ago, 153 governments voted at the United Nations to start work on developing an international Arms Trade Treaty. We want as many people as possible to take action to control the arms trade.

Play "Catch the Bomb" and spread the word

Throughout 2008, a group of experts from 28 countries has been meeting to discuss the content of the treaty. Now is the time to turn words into action and deliver an Arms Trade Treaty strong enough to save lives and stop irresponsible arms deals.

A small minority of governments opposes international controls on the arms trade and is determined to block, derail and delay any further progress on the treaty. They must not be allowed to succeed.

Tell your government that the world is watching, it’s time for an Arms Trade Treaty.

Thank you for supporting us,

The Control Arms Team

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