Thursday, July 05, 2007

Nigerian Female Bloggers Are Making Waves in the Blogosphere!

Suddenly more Nigerian babes and ladies are blogging and making the Nigerian blogosphere sizzling with hot posts. And they are attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors.

Most of their blogs are what I call scuttlebutt blogs or daily social gist and tidbits blogs. And Bella Naija leads the pack, followed by Linda Ikeji and company. Adaure is still in a world of her own, because she is like the Oprah Winfrey of the Nigerian blogosphere in her subject matters. Queen Ebong and others are still exciting and thrilling.

The most profiled Nigerian female blogger still remains Sokari Ekine of Black Looks.. And Funmi Iyanda would be more enlightened if she spends some quality time with Sokari.

There are Nigerian female bloggers as young as 11. Two of them have left comments on Nigerian Times since 2005.

There are over 400 Nigerian bloggers and quite a small number for a nation of over 140 million people. Even South Africa and Kenya have more bloggers than Nigeria. There are over 5 million Nigerians in America, UK, and other developed countries with more advanced Internet services, but only an insignificant number of them are blogging. The professionals among them do not have websites like the American and European professionals. Even lawyers, medical doctors, and engineers are blogging in the developed countries while the Nigerian professionals are missing in action. Why? Some sources said most Nigerians in developed countries are actually illegal immigrants who prefer to avoid public exposure, lest the immigration authorities would discover them and none of them wants to be deported.

I want to see more Nigerians blogging, even if they are gossip blogs, they would be worth visiting and reading 24/7. You can monitor and evaluate Nigerian blogs on Nigerian Weblog Ring and Nigerian Blogs Aggregator.

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