Tuesday, November 14, 2006

From Jan Pronk To Donald Duke

If any UN diplomat deserves the Nobel Prize for Peace, that noble diplomat is Jan Pronk the UN Special Envoy to Sudan for his fearless confrontation with the rebels and draconian ruling Islamists on rampage in Darfur. And I have been monitoring and evaluating his progress to bring an end to the genocide in Darfur.

Sir, I have read and now understood the hypocrisy of the ruling regime in Sudan. The fact is the ruling regime in Sudan is guilty of crimes against humanity in Darfur. And your statements of facts from your eye-witness accounts proved them wrong and they believe you have seen enough. And the less you know the better for them. Because they are afraid that your evidence could be used against them when they would be tried for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Well done sir.

Dear Orikinla Osinachi,
Thank you very much for your understanding. You are right.
Please tell your colleagues and friends, so that the people in Darfur will not be forgotten.
With best regards,
Jan Pronk
Jan Pronk's Blog

Then the best state governor in Africa, Mr. Donald Duke of Nigeria has joined us in the blogosphere and you can see his blog as he is telling the whole world why Nigeria deserves better leadership and this outstanding governor of Cross River State deserves our cooperation and support to become the next President of Nigeria. But, Donald Duke is like a diamond in the snout of a pig, because he is in the wrong political party.

Seeing is believing, if you want to see the remarkable and laudable achievements of Governor Donald Duke of Nigeria, visit the following:
Donald Duke's Blog
Donald Duke 4 President
TINAPA: The Dubai of Africa


Omodudu said...

Too bad Jan's blog does not feed into google reader.

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

All right Omodudu.

God bless.