Monday, October 30, 2006

Why Nigerian Planes Are Crashing Like Sick Birds Shot Down From The Sky?

May I ask you to read the following report from an Aviation expert in Nigeria published in the Nigerian Vanguard News of Tuesday, December 13, 2005.
Why Nigerian Planes Are Crashing Like Sick Birds Shot Down From The Sky?

I read it all earlier in 2005 and the tragic fact is the authorities never bothered to read it. And if they read it, they never bothered to address the issues raised.
When the Bellview and Sosoliso crashed last year, we all asked the President of Nigeria to sack the incompetent morons he appointed in the Aviation sector. But the moron himself did not listen and was busy trying to manipulate the constitution to favour his Third Term Bid and when Vice President Atiku Abubakar did not support him, he turned his furies on Atiku instead of doing his work. And all of them are still busy fighting and killing themselves and looting the treasury and sharing oil blocs and licenses among themselves and their proxies until this plane crash jolted them back to reality.

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The Reign of Kleptocracy in Nigeria

The beneficiaries of the kleptocratic regimes are now touted and celebrated as the richest men in Nigeria and decorated as the gurus of the economic growth of Nigeria. Criminals who should be in jail or even summarily executed for causing the untimely deaths of millions of the masses in Nigeria they left in penury and misery.

See the complete text and the classified document of the identity of those who stole billions of dollars in Nigeria in The Reign of Kleptocracy in Nigeria

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Head of The 70 Million Muslims In Nigeria Killed in Plane Crash

The Sultan of Sokoto Alhaji Muhammadu Maccido and his son have been killed in the latest plane crash in Nigeria. Over 97 other passengers were also killed in this terrible plane crash.

The ADC Boeing 737 crashed near the Abuja airport and exploded into flames at noon.

The BBC and CNN were the first to report the bad news. The Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) later brought the details of the air disaster. See the CNN for the video of one of the survivors.

May the souls of all those killed in the catastrophic plane crash rest in peace and may God comfort their bereaved families and all Nigerians.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Booble Versus Google

Booble has now responded to Google's request that be handed over to Google.

Will the bubble burst?

Here is a copy of their letter to Google which was sent earlier today:

Read as 8 Women Confess Why They Cheated And You Must Beware Of Cheating

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Vice President Atiku Abubakar And The American Connection

"We owe tremendous debt to the vice president. For God's sake get behind him and realize its potentials," said Mr. Robert McNamara, a former United States secretary of defense last weekend whilst visiting Vice President Atiku Abubakar of Nigeria.

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Monday, October 23, 2006

Urgent Appeal For Darfur

I have just received the following letter of appeal for Darfur from Maureen Byrnes, the Executive Director of Human Rights First and I want to appeal to you reading this post to join us in helping the suffering and dying refugees in Darfur.

I have been active in the global efforts to end the crisis in Darfur where over six Nigerian soldiers with the African Union (AU) Peace Keeping Force have been killled. And this made me to advise my contact in Darfur to leave by all means. He is like a brother to me. So his safety is paramount. He has been sending me eye-witness accounts of the catastrophe in Darfur and I corresponded with Jan Pronk the UN Special Envoy in Sudan. But now Maureen just informed me that Jan Pronk has been expelled by the ruling goverment in Sudan. I have some classified reports and I cannot make them public now.

Please, respond to the following appeal as I have done. More details are provided on Human Rights First.

Hello Toniyah,

Last week I sent you a message about the crisis in Darfur - and how your financial support can help people like Hawa Salih (see below). I felt compelled to reiterate how urgently we need you in this effort, especially in light of recent news from the region.

Today, Jan Pronk, the U.N.'s top official in Sudan, is leaving the Sudan after the government expelled him, saying he was an enemy of the country.

Also today the New York Times' top story reports that the fighting is at its worst in two years, with millions of refugees and displaced people caught in the middle.

Our efforts are needed more than ever. Will you please help us build peace in Darfur?

Simply click here to make an online tax-deductible donation to ensure we can respond to this crisis fully and effectively.

My sincerest thanks for being part of our efforts,

Maureen Byrnes
Executive Director
Human Rights First

Human Rights First is an American Institute of Philanthropy A-rated charity.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Thank You For Taking Me To The Top 10!

I want to thank everyone who has been reading my professional writings on Blogwonga. Because I am now number 3 on the Blogwonga Most Popular Authors Chart

These are the top three authors currently on Blogwonga:
Mezza member since 19th Sep 2006
Blogwonger member since 25th Sep 2006
Blogwonger Extraordinaire member since 5th Oct 2006

Blogwonga Authors Chart

Here are my bestselling titles:

1.The Poetry of Sex

2.When Two Africans Woke Up This Morning

3.Life Is More Than Food And Sex

4.Dear Americans, Our House Is Also On Fire

5.Fahrenheit 7/7

6.Your Excellency, You Are A Liar

7.Who Is Afraid Of Islam?.

May God bless everyone who has read any of my articles, short stories and books so far.

What you sow you shall reap a hundred fold to the glory of God in Jesus Christ our Messiah. Amen.

Friday, October 20, 2006

The Devolution of The Evolution of Charles Darwin

Evolution is nothing but the warped imagination of Charles Darwin. And I have the proof of the Devolution of Evolution-Osama bin Laden. No more no less.

Osama bin Laden is still as primitive as the cave man and he lives in caves!

For more on Charles Darwin, see Darwin Online.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Who Is Afraid Of Islam?

The worst form of ignorance is the ignorance of the truth
~Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima

Since C S. Lewis already said “Islam is a Christian heresy" then all Muslims are heretics.

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Friday, October 06, 2006

Dear Americans, Our House Is Also On Fire

You can read Dear Americans, Our House Is Also On Fire and the other critical political commentaries on local and global issues of current affairs such as When Two Africans Woke Up This Morning.

They are for matured readers only. And if you know you are not tolerant of peculiar sentiments and controversial religious and political views, then beware. But I have no apologies or regrets for my writings.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

When Two Africans Woke Up This Morning

Have you read the classic When Two Africans Woke Up This Morning?

On the senile dementia Pa Robert Mugabe, Darfur, Rwanda Holocaust, President Bill Clinton's failures, War in Iraq and corrupt African despots and other issues.

Terrorists Are The Most Endangered Specie On Earth

It is as if every day by day another lunatic Islamic fanatic bites the dust whether staged, caged or killed.

I am afraid to confirm that Islamic terrorists are the most endangered specie on earth. And we have to save the others lest they all perish in the war on terror. Please, the Guantanamo Bay Zoo would be a better and safer habitat for them even if they have to be subjected to daily rituals of Waterboarding.

Please, report any terrorist to GWB and he will take very good care of the wild predator.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Dan Etete Exposes Atiku Abubakar And Shell And Others Guilty of Corruption In Dirty Oil Deals In Nigeria

Who watched the Chief Dan Etete interview on the Africa Independent Televison (AIT) this morning?

The former Minister of Petroelum made some serious allegations against the Vice President Atiku Abubakar and Shell was implicated as a criminal multinational oil company in shady oil deals in Nigeria.

The interview was on dirty oil deals with the allocation of oil blocs and the dispute over the Malabu Oil which was mentioned by Elendu Reports.

President Olusegun Obasanjo is also said to be one of the owners of Suntrust Petroleum. The other partners in the company are former Ambassador Andrew Young and Carlton Masters, the president of Goodworks Intl, LLC. The story of Malabu Oil and Dan Etete is another indication of Obasanjo half-hearted attempts at fighting corruption. Malabu Oil and Nigeria are locked in a case in the Federal District Court, New York. Sources say Dan Etete, a former petroleum minister during the Abacha regime, had awarded his company, Malabu Oil, a very lucrative oil block. In 2000, there was a meeting between Atiku Abubakar and Etete. Atiku demanded shares in Malabu Oil on behalf of Pres. Obasanjo. Etete refused and the Obasanjo government seized the oil allocation from Malabu. Dan Etete has threatened to expose Pres. Obasanjo’s investments in a French bank. There are rumors in certain quarters that the Obasanjo government and Dan Etete may have reached made some deals which placated Etete.
Elendu Reports

Please, read this earlier public advert Chief Dan Etete posted against President Olusegun Obasanjo on USAfrica Online.

What retired Gen. Obasanjo will not tell the international community about Corruption, Beach Land Estate and Nigeria's Democracy

Advertiser's Announcement in
USAfrica The Newspaper, Houston (International Edition)

By Senator DAN ETETE

Well-meaning Nigerians and our American friends should speak out on the insecurity and threat to life prevalent in our society under the Obasanjo regime. Almost 20,000 people, men, women, and children have lost their lives to violence and rampage occasioned by religious and ethnic differences. Why does this regime fan the embers of religious and ethnic differences in our country? Have we not always enjoyed religious freedom and accepted each other's right to hold his or her religious belief? We're working with other patriots for Nigeria's democratic future and progress. As we and millions of Nigerians pray for God to redirect and save the country, practical electoral steps are also required to vote against this corrupt leadership and save Nigerians from those who hold the reins of power in this failed and impeachable government of Obasanjo's,
On May 29, 2002, Nigeria marked the return in 1999 to its latest efforts at democratic governance. Given the record of the incumbent president, retired Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo, to be frank, that quest at democracy is still going on, and Nigeria is not quite there. Hence, many concerned Nigerians are speaking out and political fireworks are in the making in Nigeria.

It is important to inform the international community, the Jimmy Carter Center and others who seem to have been cajoled and misled by Obasanjo's sloganeering about "anti-corruption" while running a very corrupt, unproductive, unfocused, ethnically-discriminatory and inept government the country, that 2002 and 2003 must open new and better opportunities for our great country. The Obasanjo charade needs to be exposed.

As Nigerians seek international businesses, a better reputation and opportunities for being involved with the international community, one can only imagine the damage done to our image as a nation when Gen. Obasanjo , in the full glare of the international and national media, screams, intimidates and rains abuses at citizens who were, understandably, in despair - having lost loved ones at the recent deadly explosions at the mismanaged armoury under Obasanjo's watch at Ikeja (Lagos), some of them maimed and others had loved ones missing after the explosion in the Ikeja cantonment in January this year.

Such reaction is what we face daily and reflects how much retired Gen. Obasanjo feels responsible for Nigerians as their ruler.

How does his performance compare with the reaction of the United States President after the unfortunate events of September 11, 2001? While President George Bush took it as a national and personal calamity, our own President saw the Ikeja cantonment disaster as not reflecting his responsibility or duty, but an inconveniencing issue, as he shouted "Shut up, I'm not supposed to be here!" It got worse.

I, Dan Loya Etete, the distinguished Senator and former Petroleum Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, hereby reflect the concerns of many Nigerians, concerned Americans and Africans. It has increased and mounted with the recent Abuja declaration of Gen. Obasanjo to run for a 2nd term with his vice president Atiku Abubakar. Note that Obasanjo had served as miliatry dictator from February 1976-1979.

Etete, like most patriots, have drawn attention to the fact that in three years in office, Obasanjo's rule have. largely, brought economic hardships, inflation, insecurity, and ethnic clashes to millions of Nigerians. Essentially, they have done incalculable harm to the reputation of our great country. In the three years of the under-achieving duo of Obasanjo and Atiku, the global community now regards Nigeria as the most corrupt country in the world -- seeing beyond the posturing of Obasanjo as 'Mr. Ethics.' The Obasanjo regime has carried corruption to new heights, corruption is now endemic in government.

With other patriots, we have diagnosed the situation as typical of a rotten fish, which deteriorates from the head first, and progressively down through the body.

We believe that with a facade of anti-corruption gimmick, the President and his Vice have designed what they consider a solid protection system, using associates to carry out deals and a racket of appropriating national assets as their private estates under the guise of privatizing national economic institutions and establishments.

The businesses and fronts used for these activities include the efforts of Obasanjo's kinsman, Otunba Fasawe. He's Obasanjo's roving ambassador to contractors and the signatory to untold numbers of contracts on his master's behalf. We know and have seen through their gimmicks. International business persons are scandalized.

There is an Italian collaborator with the Obasanjo team; a certain Signor G. Volpi who is also the Manager of Intels, the company which is connivance with highly-placed executives of government in the marginalization of the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA). Volpi and Intels, we believe, have since taken over the NPA's functions for private gain.

We believe that the other business fronts used by the corrupt leadership mismanaging the affairs of our fatherland include:

•a certain Dr. Baggi, another Italian businessman, partner of Volpi's who professes to practice law in Lugamo, Switzerland.

•Alhaji Abba Usman, Muhammad Adamu, and Adamu Yaro. The damage done to the Nigerian economy and our country's reputation by Gen. Obasanjo's associates, frontmen, and team of wheelers and dealers can only be imagined. Yet, Obasanjo says he is fighting corruption! "Fighting" corruption indeed.

To imagine these are the people who say they want to continue to rule Nigeria and are now scheming to keep competent and dedicated citizens from contesting the next election with contrived INEC impossible hurdles. It is sad, and the international community should be aware that Gen. Obasanjo has perfected political and economic witch-hunting to ruin many.

"If you are not with us, you must be against us" is their motto. If one is not a sycophant, he is perceived as Yes, the dictator and his accomplices wish to remain in office while they continue with their abuse of office and disdain for the laws of our country.

We lament that the duo of Obasanjo and Atiku Abubakar are close to balkanizing our great country, Nigeria. "We must not let them," he cautions, "it is our country; one where we all have an equal stake and to whose defense we must fearlessly rally, The Gen. Obasanjo team is no longer fit to run the affairs of our state and they must be stopped legally and politically.

Among many posers, Etete would want Obasanjo to answer the question: who owns Beach Land Estate?

Obasanjo must not hold the view Nigerians have very short memory or that they do not care. How does he explains his attempts to dispossess his erstwhile friend, Chief Egunjobi of the Beach Land Estate.

In his first coming as Head of State, he claims he built the estate and on leaving office he took his former friend Chief Egunjobi to court and shamelessly proclaimed there that he used the latter as a front.

He did not tell the court, as Nigerians wanted to know, how he came by the money to build the Estate. The court saw through him and struck out his lawsuit.

Two issues immediately arose from the outcome of this escapade. The first is the serial nature of the activities which we believe reflect Obasanjo's corruption. Having claimed before a Nigerian law court the Estate belonged to him; he must answer the question as to where he got the resources to build it? His salary and allowances, while in office, are known to Nigerians.

The court refused to be deceived and with him unwilling to declare the sources of the finance for the Beach Land Estate, the court made it clear he did not prove he owned the Estate.

Corruption is not a newly acquired attributed of this regime and their cohorts.

The other matter arising from this episode is the character of Gen. Obasanjo as a covetous person. He must own what he sees and he sees and likes even if it means illegally dispossessing the rightful owner. It could have been he saw Chief Egunjibo's Beach Land Estate; he liked it and therefore, wanted it. In his characteristic style, coveted it and Bingo, it had to be his. The only limitation at the time is that he forgot he was no longer Head of State.

When it dawned on him, he wondered what to do. He choose the option of litigation, half forgetting there are judges who guard their integrity jealously in Nigeria.

The rest is now history, Egunjobi was saved his Estate and the litigant was taught a simple lesson: live and let live.

Another issue: Take the so-called privatization of Nigerdock for example; even before the commencement of the sitting of the Commission of Inquiry into the management of Nigerdock and over the protest of the responsible minister, Obasanjo's government announced the privatization of the dockyard. When the "successful" bidder could not pay the price, Obasanjo, in all haste, extended the payment due to be sure the facility was sold. What was the haste and what was being covered up? Yet everyone recalls the stand of government during the bidding exercise for GSM licenses. For this regime, what is good for the goose is not not good for the gander!

Here again, we are seeing the same thing with the attempted privatization of NITEL; selective treatment of preferred buyers. Some anti-corruption fight!

President owes the nation a full explanation of his so-called transparency in governance. Let Nigerians see the wheeling and dealing going on in this government and let them be the judges of how transparency things have been under the Obasanjo regime. It would appear the duo of Obasanjo and Alhaji Atiku Abubakar have turned their backs on the Federal Republic of Nigeria; their primary interest now is Obasanjo, Atiku, Fasawe (Nigeria), Unlimited!

While Obasanjo gallivants about abroad, our social services are in decay; healthcare is still at a primitive stage. Education has been abandoned and University teachers are daily threatened with reprisal as if they are errant school children! Public transport and other infrastructure have collapsed under the ineptitude of Obasanjo's government.

Nigeria's debt burden has risen under this government; the international community worries our financial system is on the verge of collapse, Heavens helps us; we are Argentina in the making! The people must resist the enthronement of this incompetent team on our country and must not allow them another term in office.

How does this regime wish to be remembered? Gen. Gowon's regime will be remembered for the tremendous contribution to infrastructural development in the country; its strenuous effort to defend the unity of Nigeria and sports

development. If we look around, we see roads, fly-overs, the National Stadium, the National Theatre, the refineries, regional and international airports all over the country and so on. Alhaji Shehu Shagari will be remembered for the focus on Agriculture, investment in fertilizer production and the defense of Nigeria's oil market share in probably the most difficult market the Nigerian oil industry has faced in its history.

His bold and defining assertion, "Nigerian will match the North Sea oil pricing policy, cent for cent!" was countervailing; it checkmated the pricing strategy of the North Sea oil producers and saved Nigeria from economic ruin. The initial infrastructure for Abuja was put in place during his regime.

What of retired Gen Ibrahim Badarnasi Babangida? He invested in the development of Abuja, he introduced indeginization to the upstream segment of the petroleum sector and granted acreage to Nigerians, a situation that was previously the preserve of expatriate companies.

The Babangida regime developed the Petrochemical industry in Nigeria and carried it to where it is today.

Obasanjo may say what he likes about his predecessors in office, but he has been compared unfavorably with the latter in the management of our national economy. When respected citizens draw his attention to this simple fact, Obansanjo does what he knows best; he becomes abusive and refuses to listen to professional advice.

How much our economy has suffered under this inept regime can only be imagined. One only needs to see how inflation has accelerated, how the Naira

exchange rate has deteriorated in the years since Obasanjo returned to power in Nigeria, how interest rates on loans have sky-rocketed and how businesses have suffered from the lowest level of capacity utilization recorded in modern Nigerian history. How, one may ask, does Chief Obasanjo want his regime to be remembered? As an abrasive dictatorial regime, one, that led the country to economic hardships, police and ethnic violence, and anarchy.

Gen. Obasanjo's regime will go down in history as one marked by mismanagement, corruption, witch-hunting, and a total breakdown of law and order! This regime has wrought destruction on our land and our people. Soldiers and policemen are being killed as towns and villages are being sacked.

The country is nearly in a state of anomie. How many people would die in inter-community clashes before Chief Obasanjo's government would realize it has done nothing to foster national unity. In the popular Nigerian parlance, his regime will be remembered as "kill and go!" This is a regime that has shown so much disdain for its citizens that it has turned vehicles into barracks for senior and junior police officers who are forced, out of neglect, to sleep in such vehicles with their families. The conditions of service which the police are made to serve under are so appalling that for the first time in our history the police went on strike.

How will this Obasanjo government be remembered?

Retired Gen. Obasanjo's disdain for human rights in legendary; one only has to look back at his first coming as Head of State to imagine how Nigerians have suffered under his regime. One would recall what he did to innocent Nigerians in Ita-Oko.

While now touting his new conversion to human rights, he appears to have forgotten the torture many were subjected to under his regime.

Well-meaning Nigerians must talk out and ask to be heard on the insecurity and threat to life prevalent in our society under the Obasanjo regime. Almost 20,000 people, men, women, and children have lost their lives to violence and rampage occasioned by religious and ethnic differences.

Why does this regime fan the embers of religious and ethnic differences in our country? Have we not always enjoyed religious freedom and accepted each other's right to hold his or her religious belief? We're working with other patriots for Nigeria's democratic future and progress. As we and millions of Nigerians pray for God to redirect and save the country, Practical steps are also required to save Nigeria from this corrupt leadership and from those who hold the reins of power in this failed and impeachable government of Obasanjo's.

Above all, Nigeria should remain united, keep its trust in God as we seek to build a better, ethical and productive country - away from the Obasanjo years of waste!

Signed: Dan Etete, Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Abuja, Nigeria.
This advertisement also appeared in USAfrica The Newspaper, Houston (International Edition) for May 29, 2002 edition.

USAfrica Online

Nigerian Times is ready to support Chief Dan Etete to root out everyone found guilty in his open allegations of corrupt practices by President Olusegun Obasanjo, Vice President Atiku Abubakar and Shell with all the resources God has given me.

Every person and company found guilty must face trial.